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Denim on Denim

June 14, 2017

Denim on denim has always been one of my favourite styles at the moment of dressing up sporty, even more when i am in a rush and I don’t want to think too much. Maybe I go nowhere important, like to the supermarket, still I don’t have to leave my home without looking cool. haha… So for a basic outfit, denim on denim is going to save the day. It’s a perfect match from top to bottom and you can wear it with any kind of bag or shoes.

Tips: keep denim only in your clothing, don’t wear it also with shoes or other accessories (that will be a TOO MUCH 1000%) and don’t wear a denim outfit that has the same wash on top and bottom, if not it will look as an overall.  Continue Reading…

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Greenery for Men

June 12, 2017
Greenery for men 2.0

Because the Pantone 2017 is also for the gentlemen. Here some outfit inspiration with the color trend ‘Greenery‘ if you didn’t know how to match in your clothes.

Porque el Pantone 2017 es también para los caballeros. Aquí un poco de inspiración de atuendos con la tendencia de color ‘Greenery‘ por si no sabías como combinarlo en tu ropa. 

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Pancho Macello

June 11, 2017

Having a stroll around the park with my canvas shopper bag of Macello Apparel.

No description needed for our Pancho bag! It’s simply gorgeous and fun. Do you want to know something about me? Well, it doesn’t matter where I go, I always try to carry one shopper bag with me inside my handbag or directly I wear it as my bag. These bags are super useful to do groceries, to carry cold beers, or for when I go shopping and the best is that I don’t need to use plastic or paper bags anymore.

I am true shopper bag lover.

Support Macello Apparel!

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Rimless Retro Glasses

June 7, 2017

Fashion every year returns with new trends, some I find them very attractive and others not so much. Anyway I happen to end up with a new list full of things that I really like and would love to have on clothes and accessories from the catwalks in the fashion weeks. My key to not becoming addicted to shopping every season is to never forget that not because it is “fashionable” I have to become part of the mainstream. Personally, since I can not have it all, I’d rather go to the little details that will improve my outfit, even if I’m using my classic basics. As an example of this, here I come with this simple outfit with a pair of rimless glasses, which are not only fashionable but also timeless. Continue Reading…